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What About The Relation Of Landscape To Life

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     The landscape that is, by what we see of the natural world. Of these three Adam at first had only the landscape, showing this to be the most primitive and elementary of all. And it is noteworthy (with all high respect to Mother Eve), that when human society, the next great teacher, entered the world, sorrow came also. So that from the first day till now the one has taught us of pain and sin (and forgiveness, to be sure!), while the other has taught of peace and beauty and hope.

     It is most simply and emphatically true that the landscape is our chief teacher in the world of beauty. The lake, the river, the hills, the sky, the sunset, these (with the human form) are the great themes of all art. Painting, poetry and music endeavor to interpret to us what here we may see face to face. And what part of most men's lives is painting or music, or even poetry and architecture, beside the landscape? Once or twice in a lifetime we visit the great art gallery, or we hear the best music; but every day we have the everlasting hills. Occasionally a line of poetry stirs our whole soul; but every breath of wind in the pine-trees can tell the same story.

           The landscape is omnipresent. All these other things are accidental and escapable. It is like the air that we breathe sleeping or waking compared with the champagne that we taste once a year at the annual reunion. The champagne costs more: we are apt to notice its effects more. Very likely it gives us a headache. One can take a long ocean trip and rid himself of the newspapers. One can go to Bolivia or Hudson's Bay and get away from society. But even in New York or Paris it is hard to evade the landscape. Some persons there are in the slums of the great cities who come near doing it; but they are comparatively few, and their wretched condition shows too well what the penalty is. And, simply enough, those philanthropists who are seeking to help such wretched ones submerged in society use as a chief means the introduction of more landscape into their lives.

     For landscape is one of the greatest curative agencies. Hospitals are built in the country whenever that is possible. The fresh-air fund is established to provide sick and dying ones with some touch of the healing landscape. The fashionable physicians prescribe country air and change of scenery for their wealthy patients.
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      The landscape has almost unthinkable sanitate power. When a man's brains or nerves have become so clogged or worn by city excitements that they can no longer perform their functions, he goes back to the fields and woods to be renovated. A wise man takes regular baths to keep his body clean. The mind, which is more sensitive to all disturbances than the body, needs equally regular ablutions. Parks are put into cities for this very sort of sanitation service which they are able to render. The power of environment upon every living species has come to be accepted as a fundamental law of life. There are those, indeed, who read into this principle the whole law, and who assert that it accounts for everything.

    Environment certainly does exercise an almost unlimited influence, no less upon human life than upon the constitution of a mollusk or the form of an orchid. And in this all but all-powerful environment what part does the landscape play for us? Is it not, in fact, the principal part? For we are environed night and day, from birth till death, by the landscape.

   Its power may be judged further from its effects. Compare the people of Switzerland with those of Holland. What makes the differences between them? Is it education? Education has grown out of history and literature. What have been back o£ these? Away down at the root the primary and irresolvable difference is chiefly one of landscape and of climate and climate is one-half landscape and the other half the result of landscape.

     We can institute a similar comparison on our own soil. Hardly could men be more unlike than the cowboys of New Mexico and the careful close-fisted sons of New England. Yet the cowboys and the New Englanders are own brothers. Some of them slept together in the same trundle beds, and went to the same schools. We can see the effects of landscape in our own friends. Mary Winthrop has never been the same since she went to live in Colorado. The large mountains have taught her to regard the great qualities in life; but they have made her neglectful of her manicure set.

     In large part the effect of landscape on human lives is unnoticed and unknown even to the personality affected. The greatest and deepest and most ineffaceable results are probably of this sort. Yet it is no rare thing to find an attachment to landscape, both conscious and powerful, thus acknowledging its influence. My friend Mr. Kinney has a fruit-storage house on the top of which he has built a cupola for the special purpose of viewing the country round. It is hardly possible for a visitor to leave the farm without first following Mr. Kinney up the steep and narrow stairs to have a look at the lake and the mountains. There is nothing about the homestead, not even the magnificent apple orchard, that the owner is prouder of or enjoys more.
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   The doctors have discovered a new name for an old disease the name is nostalgia, which, translated into English, means, "We want to see our home again." There were dark and terrible days of homesickness for the men and women who went from New England to settle the great plains. Many a woman of gentle nurture really died in the trial. And the great longing was not to see the old schoolmates, nor even, in most cases, to see parents or brothers and sisters, but to look once more on the peaceful green hills, on the dark pine forests and the quiet clustering houses of the village in the valley.


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