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A quick look at the meaning of landscape

what is landscape ?

      Ask a farmer, a tourist, a historian, a biologist or a developer to describe what they notice overlooking a coastal hill with a pasture, a forest and the sea. Mos likely the farmer will stress the potentials of the soil as grazing land for cattle. The tourist will perhaps emphasise the beauty of the scenery and interpret the space as a picnic opportunity. the biologist will be fascinated by the birdlife, or explain why it has disappeared. Finally, the developer will probably consider the potentials of building on the site. Based on his or her sensations and ideas, experiences and knowledge, and means of expression, each of these subjects carries his/her specifc interpretation of the setting. In that respect landscape is considered a relationship between culture and nature social construction .

      In order to avoid chaos and to solve conflicts between such competing land use interests as those mentioned above, a comprehensive land use planning scheme was developed in Denmark in the late 1970s, the result being that today every piece of land carries with it guidelines in respect to specifc land use designations. Primarily, the guidelines cover functional and quantitative problems, whereas the qualitative and symbolic aspects of the landscape are not taken into consideration. therefore plans are often met by protests, the inhabitants of a place fnding that the guidelines confne their living conditions instead of improving them. To cope with that problem the international community, by signing the Rio Convention, has exchanged former planning methodologies for bottom-up processes, such as social learning or collaborative planning (Friedmann 1987; Daniels, Walker 1996). In these, the planner serves as a facilitator and mediator for interest groups in a mutual learning process, instead of being an expert working primarily within and for a system. To act as a facilitator, it is important to be able to analyse and understand what the more or less hidden agendas of stakeholders are.

What is the meaning of landscape ?

By the concept Meaning of Landscape and the self-evident imaginations of a person or a group of people about nature and all the possible ways in which it can be utilised. these meanings are rarely questioned, because they cannot be verbalised by the person or group itself. therefore, they are fairly stable, but when confronted with people having other and very frm meanings or, when situated in a fundamentally unfamiliar physical setting, a subject may be aware of his own point of view. Moreover, the Meanings of Landscape unveil themselves in all types of relationships between people and their surroundings, practical as well as symbolic, and as such they can be studied. In the following, the structure and content of a diagram of the Meaning of Landscape (see table) will be presented. It is inspired by the Phaneroscopy and semiotics of the American philosopher and semiotician Charles S. Peirce. 

(table) the Meaning of Landscape. Diagram of three modalities of Culture, Landscape and Nature and their relations 

        At the core of the diagram is a vertical column, termed Landscape, representing one of many possible intermediate stations on the continuum from Culture to Nature. Horizontally, three qualitatively different modalities of these phenomena are distinguished under the labels of Potentialities, Actualities and Habits. the resulting rubric contains nine concepts that are not hierarchically related. Rather, each of them is absolute, because of the condensing that has been necessary in order to situate it in a specifc feld and relative to one another due to their topological organisation. In that respect, the diagram can be compared to a Plane of comparing the intentions of different stakeholders and landowners, as well as planners and politicians in relation to their surroundings, thereby improving the foundation of landscape management.

How to display the structure and meaning of "Landscape ?

        In this article the structure and content of the Meaning of Landscape is presented, referring primarily to the American semiotician Charles S. Peirce, and put into perspective by the French sociologist Henri Lefebvre. then the use of the diagram as a tool for analysing open-ended qualitative interviews is demonstrated, and it is shown how the model can be used to compare similarities and differences in the motives of different stakeholders.
       Finally, the ability of the model to account for development is demonstrated consistency as described by Deleuze and Guattari (1996). the diagram serves two purposes. First, it provides a tentative theoretical framework for reconciling the relationships between culture and nature and the often random use of notions such as ‘nature’, ‘landscape’ or ‘environment’ by laymen as well as by scholars. Secondly, it offers a topology for analysing and comparing the intentions of different stakeholders and landowners, as well as planners and politicians in relation to their surroundings, thereby improving the foundation of landscape management.

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